Pre Christmas Public & Donor awareness campaign 2016

Tuesday 13th December : 3pm Bush Radio Interview

Once again Melinda Bechus is on the radio, this time a 24 minute interview, providing detailed information on the work carried out at Empilweni Trust.

Friday 9th December : Cape Times, page 7, large article by Raphael Wolf

Informative article on Empilweni’s contribution to the Khayelitsha community, including some examples of counselling we have given. Board member Gava Kassiem, explains how such organisations provide an important service to the communities they serve and cover incidents of sexual abuse, attempted murder, drugs, and many more adverse activities. These children passing through our doors are given counselling and a rare second chance through Empilweni.

Monday 28th November : 05.55am Cape Talk 567 Early breakfast Show

Our Director Melinda Bechus was “ON AIR” this morning on the very popular early breakfast show of Abongile Nzelenzele.

It was a great opportunity to tell Cape Talk Radio listeners of the fantastic work going on at Empilweni.

“We have fortunately come through a very difficult year, but we did achieve our targets and things are finally looking up”.

Melinda asked for help from the community, to help fund the replacement of our car, as due to age and extensive repair quotes, we have had to resort to public transport, which is having an effect on visit quantities. Up until a week ago, we had a Canadian Intern Stephen, who not only dedicated his time to Empilweni, but also he drove around using his car for visits, since our car became inactive in August. We are hoping our message goes out there and will be well received, so we shall be fortunate to receive some donations to help replace the car.

We are also seeking funding in the coming months to re-open our Mfuleni satellite office and re-employ staff needed to man this very important place to better serve the Khayelitsha community.

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