2017 Testimonial’s – 3 – A Family resolve

I came to Empilweni regarding my Niece.

She was very angry and neglected by her father and did not do anything right at school or at home.

The problem her father was cheating and drinking a lot of Alcohol. So my Niece was fighting all the time for her mother (who is in Eastern Cape).

At school the teachers noticed this and tried to help the child, but without success and it was at that time the teachers informed me of the situation.

The matter was reported to Empilweni and my Niece attended counselling there and this helped her a lot, even me, I am relived because now my Niece is a good girl and doing good things and can help other children.

She is now talking with her father and making jokes with him, at last she has peace and forgives him and they are happy.

Also her Father is trying to recontact his wife, with the better relationship now with his daughter.

A Big Thank you is all I can say.

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