AGM 18th October 2017 Directors report

  AGM Director’s Report  October 18th 2017

I would like to extend my gratitude for being given the opportunity to be the Director of Empilweni from 1st April 2017.

The first term really highlighted the value that the organisation was adding to the lives of children in the community of Khayelitsha and I was glad to be part of such a wonderful organisation.

My integration with the staff has been very good in this period and I felt more part of the team.

The team pulled together to work towards achieving our set targets.

Especially during the team meetings every Friday, where we discuss issues of concern, plans for the week ahead and staff are consulted about decisions was central to us growing as a team.

We had a heritage day celebration on the 22nd September which was informative and give a greater understanding each team members and their family history. We appointed Andiswa Mananga an additional staff member and Alicia Vana as a volunteer in this period. I want to thank staff for making my life easier for me in the period.

Our indictor outputs amounts to Counselling, Counselling of Pregnant Teenagers and Parenting groups is above target for the year to date but we need to improve on getting pregnant teenagers to support groups. Home visits were difficult without a car and staff was still committed.

We managed acquire a motor vehicle which made things less risky for staff in the Khayetisha and Mfuleni communities. I attended a networking event with Molo Songolo which 23 organisations attended, We discussed the Western Cape Draft Commissioners for Children's Bill and decided on a joint NGO submission in response to the draftCommissioner for Children's Bill. Organisations also have the option to do individual submissions. I have also engaged the Western Cape Street Children's Forum.

Fundraising research, enquiries and proposals submissions was concentrated on corporate companies and trusts for this period. Giving by Companies and Private Foundations were less due to the junk status and recession in South Africa. Giving was linked to marketing promotion and emotionally loaded events or causes. Education and business development was the favourite causes for companies. Fundraising has been difficult but we are continuing with our efforts.

The Board was very supportive through my time of adjustment in the organisation.


William Williams