Annual Report 2017



Chairperson’s Report.

I am pleased to be able to report that the past year has been a much happier year for Empilweni than the previous one. Among the reasons for this were the receipt of a much delayed grant from the National Lotteries, the appointment of our new Director, William Williams, and the expansion of our Board. The receipt of the Lotto funding meant that we not only had secured funding for another 18 months, but we could make overdue improvements to the staff’s remuneration package. We have also been able to employ a receptionist/ administrative assistant, Alicia Vana, who has proved to be a great asset, and very recently we have purchased a much needed car

Our previous Director, Melinda Bechus, resigned at the end of February this year, and we were most fortunate in being able to find and appoint William Williams to start on 1 April. William has had a lot of NGO and community experience and we are privileged to have him lead our organisation into better times.

At the end of last year we welcomed two new Board members, Gava Kassiem, and David Draude. Both have a wealth of experience relevant to Empilweni’s mission, and best of all, they are both highly committed. They work closely with our Director on the Fundraising Committee, and David is Board Secretary. I would like to thank all the Board members for their hard work and support over the past year, and for their attendance at our four Board meetings and our Strategic Planning event. In particular I would like to thank Thulane, the Vice-Chairperson, for standing in for me during my absences overseas

Other developments during the past year include welcoming Andiswa back as our third Social Auxiliary Worker, securing a 5 year rental lease for our premises from our landlady, and holding a successful 2 day Strategic Planning event at the beginning of the year. This 3 year Strategic Planning event enabled us to re-focus and re-prioritise our aims and objectives, some of which had had to be dropped during the last couple of years due to funding and staffing constraints. Last but not least, we were able to secure another year’s contract with our main funding partner, the Department of Social Development, without whose support we would not be able to provide the service that we do provide.

Sadly we have to say goodbye to two people today: our Treasurer, Warren Daly, and our Social worker, Thembela, but I will say more about that later

In closing, I would like to thank all our staff for another year of excellent service provision to the community. Our Team, consisting of Our Director, Service Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Social Worker, Social Auxiliary Workers and Receptionist deserve a round of applause for applying their ever increasing skills with great dedication under often very difficult circumstances. Thank you also to Trinity Bookkeepers, in particular Melanie, for great support and always being there when we need you

Last but not least I would like to thank our donors, large and small, for their support in the 2016/2017 year without which Empilweni could not continue to offer its unique and valuable service to the children and families of Khayelitsha and Mfuleni. Special thanks is due to our major funder and partner, the Department of Social Development. And in closing, I would like also to express appreciation for the support we receive from the local community – from our clients and their families, from our partner NGOs, and from the various service providers we depend upon. The details of donors will be provided later on in this meeting.

Thank you for coming today and showing your support for Empilweni.


Brian Robertson



Treasurer’s Report

Empilweni is a registered non-profit organisation with the objective of providing child-centred and community-based mental health support and counselling to children, adolescents and their families in Khayelitsha. 


Financial Strategy

As a board, we pursue a prudent financial policy in order to ensure the sustainability of the services that Empilweni offers the Khayelitsha community. The Board met regularly over the past year during which the financial situation was closely monitored.


Annual Financial Statements

The Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2017 have been audited by BDV Platinum, Empilweni’s independent auditors, who found that they present fairly the financial position of the organisation for the past financial year. Copies can be made available to interested parties.


In summary, the audited Statement of Comprehensive Income indicates:

  • Our total income for 2016/17 was approx. R 1 046 000.
  • Our total expenditure for 2016/17 was approx. R 917 000
  • This resulted in a surplus of approx. R 129 000.


The past financial year was again a challenging year due to the scarcity of funding available. Our primary funding was from the Department of Social Development (DSD), with kind grants and donations from other organisations and individuals. All support is very much appreciated. However, we do realise that it is very important for the sustainability of Empilweni that we not only retain the support of donors, but that we are able to attract new donors in order to extend our services to meet the needs of an even broader community.


Being an organisation providing mental health counselling, our primary expense was staff remuneration. Related to this was the cost for therapy support costs (clinical supervision), a critical component required to provide an effective mental health service. Other significant costs relate to rent for our premises and to telephone and travel costs (both required for delivery of the counselling services via telephone calls and home visits). Due to our funding situation, we controlled our expenses carefully to ensure that we were able to maintain our services into the future.


Current financial year – year to date

DSD continues to be our primary funder. In addition, we were fortunate to receive Lotto funding of R954 000 for the current financial year. This has allowed us to return to a full staff compliment and consolidate our services to our existing community. However, finding additional funders is still a key priority to ensure long term sustainability. We continue to submit funding requests and are hopeful that we will be successful. Should additional funds be raised, they will be allocated prudently to reduce the risk of future cash flow challenges.


Warren Daly, Treasurer


Director’s Report

I would like to extend my gratitude for being given the opportunity to be the director of Empilweni from the 1 April 2017. The first term really highlighted the value that the organisation was adding to the lives of children in the community of Khayelitsha and I was a glad to be part of such a wonderful organisation.

My integration with staff has been very good in this period felt more part of the team. Team pulled together to work towards achieving our set targets. The team meetings every Friday where we discuss issues of concern, plans for the week ahead and staff is consulted about decisions was central to us growing as a team. We had a Heritage day celebration on the 22 September which was informative and give a greater understanding each team members and their family history. We appointed Andiswa Mananga an additional staff member and Alicia Vana as a volunteer in this period. I want to thank staff for making life easier for me in this period.

Our indicator outputs amounts for Counselling, Counselling of Pregnant Teenagers and Parenting groups is above target for the year to date but we need to improve on getting pregnant teenagers to support groups. Home visits were difficult without a car and staff was still committed. We managed to acquire a motor vehicle which made things less risky for staff in the Khayelitsha and Mfuleni communities.  I attended a networking event with Molo Songolo which 23 organisations attended. We discussed the Western Cape Draft Commissioner for Children’s Bill and decided on a joint NGO submission in response to the Draft Commissioner for Children’s Bill. Organizations also have the option to do individual submissions. I have also engaged the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum.

Fundraising research, enquiries and proposals submissions was concentrate on corporate companies and trusts for this period. Giving by Companies and Private Foundations were less due to the junk status and recession in South Africa. Giving was linked to marketing promotion and emotionally loaded events or causes. Education and business development was the favorite causes for companies. Fundraising has been difficult but we are continuing with our efforts.

The board was very supportive through my time of adjustment in the organisation.

William Williams, Director


Service Manager’s Report

We successfully managed to serve our community again this year of the 23rd throughout the spirit of resilience and in a form of cultural appropriate approach, also as the child-center. To empower key community members. Our Screening &Crisis counselling, Assessment, Individual Counselling, Family Therapy, Groups on children, First time mothers, Parents groups and appropriate referrals has shown.


It was of a kind relief to have LOTTO funds us this year.

To have two staff members joining us gave us good strength in reaching our goals.

The Administrative volunteer contributed very well on our cliental and admin work.

The team on the clinical level had shown their dedication to respond to the needy children.

High rate of our clinic cases terminated at the level of successful positive outcomes.

Community members are referring one another and our ex-clients are referring back.

There are also clients who walk in for help due to our advertisements.

We had good and appropriate referrals from our community clinics Dept. of Psychology and Psychiatrists.

Good support by the Board contributed well with us in guidance and having a good relationship

Participation of the parents of the children had made things easy.

Cooperation’s with other stake holders helped us a lot to support families.

Involvement of faith based organization and other group had created good development.

Our community gave positive feedback on us by means of writing letters as testimony, word of mouth and evaluation forms.



We all need to strengthen the external support among other services providers (network).

To create strategies to work with children out of school.

To help and assist parents with healing and parental skills.

Funding is affecting all of us in all angles of work life, let’s join hand and share skill.

Home visits were a challenge due to the lack of a motor vehicle and home visits was very risky for staff members.



We would like to thank our donors Department of Social Development, National Lotteries Commission, Community Chest, GivenGain and our individual cash donors for their support in the period ending 31 March 2017.